Affiliation in FranceAffiliation in France


Why become an affiliate?

  • A dedicated in-house team to adapt media to your needs
  • All the banner formats are available and renewed thanks to an in-house studio
  • Special offers possible for one-off campaigns
  • A conversion funnel adapted to affiliates compensated per sale, offering subscriptions directly after sign-up
  • Known targets allowing for maximum conversion rates
  • Wide range of content at your disposal:

–     Articles and videos for entertaining and effective campaigns with our magazine website Up To Date
–     Brand text and visuals
–     Infographics on the world of dating

We offer the following compensation models for FRANCE

_Groupe_ copy 2 _Groupe_ copy
Cost per lead Cost per Sales
6€ 1-month pass €30
6€ 3-month pass €60
6€ 6-month pass €90

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