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  • match_UKmatch_UK: @Thomas_Goodearl Hi Thomas. We will pass this feedback over to the team. Please keep a look out for any special offers we have. Thank you.9 hours ago
  • match_UKmatch_UK: @BenHollowIcc Hi Ben. We do aim to respond to emails within 24 hours. My apologies if you have waited longer than this.1 days ago
  • match_UKmatch_UK: @joanneboniface @Match Hi Jo. We've had a look through our DMs from last week. Perhaps we have missed yours. Could you please DM us again?1 days ago
  • match_UKmatch_UK: @joanneboniface @Match Hi Jo. Sorry to hear this. Please DM us and we will be happy to help.1 days ago
  • match_UKmatch_UK: @BenHollowIcc Hi Ben. Please DM your email address. Thanks!1 days ago
  • match_UKmatch_UK: @Berno_1 Hi Bernie. Please DM us with your email address & we'll remove you. Thanks!1 days ago
  • match_UKmatch_UK: @emmieloulou88 Simply create 2 profiles selecting each gender separately.If a sub is purchased we can add same rate to 2nd profile.6 days ago
  • match_UKmatch_UK: @emmieloulou88 Yes although the system has not been set up to select 2 gender preferences at the same time...(cont'd)6 days ago
  • match_UKmatch_UK: @yorkiegem82 Hi! Could you DM us your email address so we can help? Thanks!6 days ago



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