Dating expert Match is predicting a bumper year as singles make up for lost time

Sunday 3rd January is set to be the busiest time for online dating, according to dating expert Match. The first Sunday of the year will be the busiest day for the fourth year running as millions of Brits are expected to sign up and log into dating websites and apps on ‘Singles’ Sunday’. Traffic will peak at 10pm as single Brits go looking for love ahead of their first full week back to the office after the Christmas break.

Research from Match also revealed that a quarter of singles (24 per cent) say the pandemic set them back in their quest for love and the same percentage are looking to meet a potential partner in the new year. Over a third (35 per cent) said after months of virtual dating, they’ll be ceasing more opportunities to meet people in real life, with over a fifth (21 per cent) even missing the first date jitters. Match is expecting this year to be the busiest yet, as singles look to make for lost time in 2021.

With a vaccine slowly being rolled out across the country, 17 per cent are feeling optimistic that 2021 will be the year they find love. However, 28 per cent admit they’re only going to be comfortable going on dates once they know a potential partner has received the jab.

And it looks as though the pandemic has impacted some aspects of our dating journey for good. 18 per cent admit that they’ll continue ‘Zoomancing’; video dating with someone before committing to a date in a real life, so they can get a feel first for whether they are compatible before investing more time.

According to Match, these are the dating terms we expect to see infiltrating our dating journey in 2021:

  • Rules of Vax-ttraction – fancying someone more because they’ve had the COVID jab
  • Tier three’d – when someone ignores your messages, only to reappear with a response a few weeks later
  • PD-yay – embracing public displays of affection after a year where it was considered taboo
  • PPE (passing the parental exam) – getting the parents approval for the first time in 2021 after months of virtual and socially distanced dating
  • Conscious unbubbling – amicably breaking up with someone you started a relationship with during the pandemic
  • VIRL (Validation In Real Life) – experiencing things together for the first time and discovering you’re just as compatible as you are on paper
  • Zoomancing – continuing the trend of video dating before committing to a date in real life, as it’s less of a time investment
  • Turbocharging – a relationship that moves quickly as you want to make up for lost time as a result of the pandemic

European Busiest Dating Days and Times:

  1. Netherlands – 3rd January at 20.00
  2. Sweden – 3rd January at 20.00
  3. France – 3rd January at 21.00
  4. Germany – 3rd January at 21.00
  5. UK – 3rd January at 22.00
  6. Italy – 3rd January at 22.00
  7. Norway – 3rd January at 22.00

Match’s dating expert, Hayley Quinn says:
“After a challenging 2020 it’s no surprise that singles are ready to get back out there in the new year. However, despite everyone’s eagerness to put the last year behind them the pandemic may have a lasting impact on our dating habits. For example, ‘zoomancing’ and having an extended courtship period before meeting someone in real life is probably here for good!

“With Match’s busiest day of dating predicted to be January 3rd, there will also be a wave of dates in real life once social distancing eases, meaning it could be a very busy Valentine’s Day too! Hopefully 2021 will mean people have a renewed enthusiasm to find love, and also a real opportunity to get it.” 



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