It’s official: opposites DON’T attract

Match analysis shows that singles are more likely to hit it off with people like themselves


Key findings:

  • From body shape to eye colour to politics, singles more likely to hit it off with someone who shares their own characteristics
  • Singles who identify as ‘conservative’ are 45% more likely to be successful with other conservatives
  • Brown-eyed and blue-eyed daters more likely to stick to their own
  • Body shapes ranging from ‘extra pounds’ to ‘average’ all more likely to click with someone their own size
  • Data from over 1 million profiles analysed by dating experts, Match


May 2016, LONDON – It’s an adage as old as courtship itself, but new analysis by dating experts Match has conclusively shown that opposites DON’T always attract.


After looking at a number of different physical and personality traits across more than one million of its members, Match has found that singles are overwhelmingly more likely to hit it off with someone similar to themselves. Criteria ranging from eye colour to body shape to politics all showed the same trend: that singles were more likely to respond to messages from those who ticked the same boxes as them.


Politics is often considered to be off-limits early in a relationship, but matching with someone with a similar outlook was found to offer a far greater chance of success. Singles who identified as ‘conservative’ were 45% more likely to interact with other conservatives, while those with a ‘liberal’ leaning were also 31% more likely to hit it off with those who shared their outlook. Both groups had a lower than average success rate when interacting with those on the other side of the political spectrum.


When it came to body shape, the conclusions were the same. Singles who described their silhouette as carrying ‘a few extra pounds’ were 61% more likely than average to interact with others of the same description. Similarly, those of ‘average’ build were 3% more likely than average to do so, and the trend continued through other physical characteristics. Brown-eyed singles were 7% more likely than average to hit it off with others with brown eyes, and blue-eyed daters were 3% more likely to stick to what they knew.


The search for similarities in partners even went as far as body art and body clocks. Those with visible tattoos were 61% more likely to connect with others sporting ink, while those who considered themselves either an ‘early bird’ or ‘night owl’ were similarly drawn to others who ticked the same box.


There were a couple of exceptions to this general trend, most notably when it comes to hair colour. Blondes were 36% less likely than average to seek out other blondes, while redheads were 6% less likely to hit it off with other ‘strawberry blondes’. And, somewhat surprisingly, those who described their body shape as ‘athletic’ were 14% less likely to fraternise with other gym bunnies.


Kate Taylor, dating expert for match, comments: “Love has always been based on harmony and compatibility. While differences may spark interest initially, having too any differences of opinion can lead to imbalanced and unstable relationships eventually. This is why websites and apps are rapidly becoming the UK’s favourite way to find dates: it’s easy to find people who share your passions, right from choosing the perfect first date to finding someone with the same long-term goals as you.”


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Notes to Editors

Methodology: all figures represent proportion of Match members who successfully interacted with another member who matched the same criteria as themselves, compared to across-the-board average. Information from over 1 million profiles was analysed.

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About #LoveYourImperfections:

#LoveYourImperfections is Match’s campaign to give singles the confidence to express their true selves. Having first launched in January 2015, the campaign aims to highlight the imperfections and quirks which Brits normally hide, but which potential partners could find endearing or attractive.

About Match: 

As the most successful dating service in the UK, 1 in 2 online daters* have used Match and 1 in 5 singles who met their partner online, met on Match*.   As the number 1 dating for young online daters**, Match continues to empower singles to meet exciting and interesting people that you would not otherwise have met.

Match offers members more ways to meet, including singles events located in 32 cities, one of the reasons it’s been voted as the under 35’s number 1 choice for great singles night out**.  It’s also available on all mobile platforms making it the perfect dating companion for busy singles on-the-go.

As a founding member of the Online Dating Association (ODA), Match is committed to providing a safe and confidential community for its members.

*Survey conducted by Opinium from December 22nd to 29th 2015 among a representative sample of 2001 persons aged 18+ in the UK.





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